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Die Bezeichnung des Blot-Verfahrens „Western Blot“ stammt vom englischen blot für Klecks oder Fleck und von engl. blotting paper für Löschpapier, bei dem auch ein identischer Abdruck des Originals entsteht. Diese wurde erstmals 1981 von Neal Burnette als eine Allusion eingeführt. Edwin Southern gilt als der Erfinder der Blotting-Technik. Anti-MAP Kinase 2 ERK-2 antibody is suitable for use in western blot 0.5-2 μg/mL using human A431 cells, mouse 3T3 fibroblasts or rat L6 cells. The product can also be used for immunoprecipitation 5 μg, using 0.5-1 mg of a mouse 3T3 fibroblast lysate. Von ERK existieren acht Isoformen. 2 Funktion. ERK kann durch verschiedene extrazelluläre Signale Zytokine, Wachstumsfaktoren, Karzinogene oder Pathogene aktiviert werden und steuert wichtige Zellfunktionen wie die Proliferation und die Differenzierung. Besonders wichtig ist ERK. Western Blot 1. Pour the Separating Gel. Set up your gel apparatus, prepare separating gel monomer. Add TEMED just prior to pouring gel. Allow to polymerize before adding stacking gel by overlaying gently with EtOH or n-butanol.

I do cloning for animal experiments to use as liver cancer models and thus use a variety of molecular biology reagents including antibodies, plasmids, and RNA kits. With this antibody, 1:1000 dilution was used for Western blot, and we only needed to follow the general Western blot protocol. ERK 2 Antikörper 4C11C11C4 ist ein monoklonaler Maus-IgG2a, der murines, Ratten- und humanes ERK 2 in WB, IP, IF, IHCP und ELISA erkennt. 1 Referenzen.

In our study, Western blot was performed using antibodies specific for the phosphorylated active forms of JNK and ERK. The results showed that JNK1/2 Fig. 2 and ERK1/2 Fig. 3 were activated in human limbal epithelial cells exposed to hyperosmolar media 400–500 mOsM. Here, the authors develop a cytometry tool that appends a microfluidic western blot to a CTC isolation workflow and apply it to profile a panel of proteins in single CTCs isolated from ER breast.

View Larger Image Figure 1. Phosphorylated p53 in CEM Cells. Human T lymphoblast CEM cells were exposed to UV-C light. Cellular extracts generated at 30 or 60 minutes post-irradiation were assessed by Western blot using rabbit anti-human phospho-p53 S15 polyclonal antibody CatalogAF1043, upper panel or goat anti-human p53 polyclonal.

Ludwig Erk 1807–1883, deutscher Volksliedforscher und Volksliedsammler Sigmund Erk 1895–1939, deutscher technischer Physiker Wilhelm Erk 1840–1912, Abgeordneter der 2.

P-ERK Used for Western Blot Biocompare.

The following antibody was used in this experiment: ERK1/ERK2 Monoclonal Antibody ERK-7D8 from Thermo Fisher Scientific, catalog13-6200, RRID AB_2533024. Figure 6 Aurora A inhibition impairs TCR signalling pathways. a Immunoblottings showing phosphorylation of the indicated molecules. Phospho-Erk – Produktlisten, Produktnennungen, Produktauswahl-Tools, Vergleichstabellen und Schulungsmaterial zur MAPK-Signaltransduktion von Cell Signaling Technology.

The Western blot WB has diverse applications for investigating regulatory molecular events underpinning energy metabolism, protein turnover and chronic physiological adaptations. For example, the WB can be used to investigate protein abundance, kinase activity, cellular localization, protein–protein interactions, or monitoring of post‐translational modifications [i.e., events of cleavage. By using HTRF Advanced phospho-ERK Thr202/Tyr204 only 300 cells are sufficient for minimal signal detection, while 10,000 cells are needed for a Western Blot signal. The HTRF Advanced phospho-ERK assay is at least 30-fold more sensitive than the Western Blot, and shows optimal correlation. The Western blot assay provides valuable information about a protein including abundance, the apparent molecular mass, post-translational modifications and splice variants. However, analysis of the protein can be difficult if multiple bands appear on the blot. When dealing with multiple bands on Western blots, it is important to determine. Quantitate western blot data using imaging system’s software or a preferred standalone software if available. ∗ Multiple bands within a western blot raise a critical flag concerning an antibody’s specificity. Any antibody that produces multiple banding in western blot should not be used in IHC unless additional testing can be performed to.

Western blot of human T47D cells showing phospho-specific immunolabeling of the ~42-44 kDa ERK/MAPK protein doublet using Rabbit anti Rat ERK/MAPK pthr202/pTyr204 antibody AHP901. Blots can be stripped of antibodies in approximately 15 minutes at room temperature. Blots may be reused in 25 minutes. Application The Re-Blot™ Plus Western Blot Recycling Kit Cat. No. 2500 is effective for removal of antibodies from Western blots that have been developed with chemiluminescence or radioactive iodine or other isotopes.

ERK1/2 Antibodies available through Novus Biologicals. Browse our ERK1/2 Antibodies all backed by our Guarantee. p-ERK Antibody E-4 is recommended for detection of ERK 1 phosphorylated at Tyr 204 and correspondingly phosphorylated ERK 2 of mouse, rat, human and avian origin by WB, IP, IF, IHCP and ELISA; also reactive with additional species, including and equine, canine, bovine, porcine and avian. The first of these networks to be discovered was the Ras-Raf-ERK signal transduction cascade, defined by Extracellular Signal-regulated Kinase-1 ERK1 and ERK2. 1 One of four Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase MAPK signaling pathways, the ERK phosphorylation cascade's importance in intracellular signaling has been compared to the role of the Krebs cycle in energy metabolism. 2 The ERK cascade. Example of a Multiplex Western Blot. Lysates of EGF-treated A431 cells were separated and transferred to nitrocellulose. The blot was probed with anti-ERK and anti-phospho-ERK primary antibodies, and then detected with IRDye 680LT and IRDye 800CW secondary antibodies. Blot was imaged with Odyssey ® Fc System for 2 minutes. This phospho-ERK. B, Western blot of cell lysate using the VHR antibody showing the level of VHR overexpression. C, the phospho-ERK blot from A was then reprobed with a general ERK antibody in order to determine the relative level of immunoprecipitated myc-ERK2 between lanes.

Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. Labome has surveyed publications with loading controls in Western blots Table 1. Figure 1 displays the Western blot images compiled from some of those publications. The results indicate that actin specifically beta actin is the most commonly used control. Other interesting observations from this survey are discussed in this article later.

Assay Details. Our Boster Quality Guarantee for Anti-Phospho-ERK/MAPK Thr202, Tyr204 Antibody covers its use in the following applications. The recommended dilution ratios/concentrations are for reference only and optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.

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